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Adarte's Repeater-like Webparts for Sharepoint
These webparts emulate the ASP.NET's repeater fuctionality for rendenering and displaying data from list and libraries.

They also enable the filtering throung views. Making the configuration so easy for final users.

This project is intented as a way to make Sharepoint more designer-friendly.
This very first version of the project contains 2 webparts:

The first webparts lets the user render a given list/library in an HTML-friendly manner, rendering the contents as Div, UL or a Table.
It's based on replasing special tags representing a Field name, with the value of that given name in that specific list's item, like this:



-<img src="[ThumbnailAbsUrl]" alt="[Description]" />

Besides, the control is capable of filtering/sorting the list's items through Views! So, if the final user request a change in the way that the items are filtered, there's no need to edit the control, just only the view.

The second webpart's functionallity is pretty same like the first one, but it onle render one at a time. It is based on the same functionality (List / View) but it uses the QueryString to get the ID of the item to being displayed (Currently, it uses de [UniqueID] field of the item).

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